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HSM #1 – The Scandalous Drawers

I’ve been wanting to make a pair of open drawers for a while. Really since I first tried to use the restroom in a corset and hoop skirt.

It sometimes amazes me how completely the mindset of society can change towards something. At one point wearing anything close to your lady parts was considered unhealthy, they apparently need air to discourage unhealthy humors. They were also practical in the sense that wearing a corset pretty much negates any kind of bending at the waist. Underwear as we recognize them didn’t really come about until the early 1920s when “fast women” started getting rid of their corsets and shortening their skirts. Of course my grandmother’s reaction when I talk about open drawers is, “Eww, can you imagine?”

Regardless of my grandmother’s feelings on the subject I made a pair for myself. Partly to get back in the groove of sewing and partly to prove to myself that I could make open drawers despite my miserable failure the last time I tried to make open drawers. This time I decided to keep it safe and just used a pattern that I had forgotten I had. The pattern went together beautifully, although I have a terrible time tucking. After a few disastrous failures I cut them off and moved on. After all, there are several period examples that have no tucks.

CI50_5_6_F                        CI44_48_12b_F

And here are mine. These aren’t really appropriate to model myself, so you’ll have to make do with not so awesome pictures of them lain flat.



The Challenge: Foundations

Fabric: white cotton

Pattern: Laughing Moon Pattern #100

Year: 1860s

Notions: white cotton thread, white cotton twill tape, white cotton eyelet trim

How historically accurate is it? I’d say 90%, it was sewn completely by machine except for handfinishing the inside waist.

Hours to complete: 7-8 hours? Maybe?

First worn: Not yet, but the next reenactment.

Total cost: Felt free to me! Everything came from the stash.