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HSF #7 – The Long Delayed Beret

I had such a difficult time deciding on this challenge. So I just put it off. And then it took forever for me to get around to getting pictures taken. Because it’s summer in July…in Florida.

My hope was that I would find an ideal hat I could crochet. I had terrible luck finding a pattern I was happy with that was within the right time frame.

Finally, I decided to just go with a children’s pattern, enlarged to fit an adult.

The pattern I finally settled on is a charming children’s tam o’shanter.

tam o shanter


Then I found several charming pictures online of some other ladies who decided it was a charming thing to put on their head.

1920's with tam o s

about 1927 Age about 18 years old   Estimate born 1909  3 years



So I found myself some cute bright blue cotton crochet thread and got to work. I decided start off with working the pattern exactly as described, then I could make any changes as I went along.

It turned out that I didn’t actually need to make any changes to the pattern. It nicely worked up a beret that fits my head. For anyone else who wants to make this pattern, I don’t have an unusually small, childish head. Just a normal sized one.

revised for blog1


revised for blog2

I was told by my fashion consultant/photographer (otherwise known as my sister) that the hat looked silly with all my hair up, so I left it down ala Mary Pickford. See, my proof.


The Challenge: Tops and Toes

Fabric: blue cotton thread

Pattern: Tam O’Shanter Pattern from Woolco Knitting and Croching Manual 

Year: 1916

Notions: it’s not exactly a notion, but I crocheted with a size 2 crochet needle

How historically accurate is it?: Very, the only non accurate part of this project is that I used modern thread. So I’m going to give myself 100%.

Hours to complete: I’d say about 20 hours.

First worn: For pictures, but this hat will definitely get wearing this fall/winter.

Total cost: About $6, this pattern took three balls of thread.


Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that the coming year is even better.

My younger sister, a friend/fellow teacher, and I decided to spend our New Year’s Eve at a (to quote the promotional material) “Gatsby Themed Event, where costumes are encouraged”. Seeing as how I normally watch New Year’s celebrations on TV with my mom, I was very excited. Mostly because I already had a flapper outfit all ready to go. A high school friend had a 1920’s themed bachelorette party in November, for which I hacked a flapper dress from a cast off graciously donated by my mother. Now normally I’d be a little self-conscious about the fudging I did as far as historical accuracy goes, but because neither the bachlorette party, nor the New Year’s party even pretend to expect anything but a nod to the 20’s, I feel pretty satisfied with the results.

Basically I took a plus size, black sheath dress made of a lovely acetate, rayon, and spandex blend, chopped material off at the side and back seams until I was happy with the way it fit me, and french seamed it. And for those curious, yes that was a mostly sincere lovely. Despite a lot of the negative things I read online about this blend, it was actually fairly easy to work with once I figured out I needed a stretch fabric needle to sew with. Then, because the dress was designed to hit above the ankle, I cut about six inches off the bottom, and turned the hem once to to sew. Because apparently this lovely fabric does fray that badly (or so I’ve been led to believe). I originally wanted to sew feathers around the skirt to create a dropped waist look, but between my cat’s love for eating feathers and the fact I couldn’t find any at my local craft store, I nixed that idea. Instead I decided on the fringe look with a beaded ribbon to accent the dropped waist. My first fringe estimate was too conservative and I also ended up taking the wrong hip measurements for the ribbon. So I went back a second time to get the rest of what I needed. I did manage to get just enough fringe but sadly there wasn’t any more of the ribbon I needed. In the end I think I’m happier with the way it turned out.



Please excuse the college apartment decor behind me.

Because we were having a fabulous time, this is the only decent photo of me in the dress. It’s hard to see it, but I’m also wearing a sparkly feathered hairpiece. I found a rhinestone broach and glued a bunch of black feathers into a swoopy design on the pack of it, then just bobby pinned it in.