February Challenge Failed

I started off the month with good intentions. I decided I wanted to crochet something, which honestly was more due to the fact that I started watching a Korean drama (for those interested it was Fated to Love You). It’s pretty easy to watch something and sew, not so easy to read subtitles and sew. You wind up either missing important dialogue or sewing crooked. I can almost crochet in my sleep, so subtitles are easy enough to handle.

I found the cutest 1940’s crochet pattern for a giant bow clutch being sold on Etsy by 2ndlookvintage.

pattern pic

So I trotted right out and bought some bright blue cotton crochet thread that various unofficial sources (here and here) assured me was the closest I could get to gimp, the thread the pattern calls for.

I made a few false starts thanks to it being a vintage pattern with directions that I at times had to decipher. After that things went smoothly. The bow looked better and better, my stitches were gratifyingly even, and once I had the stitches memorized I didn’t have to consult the pattern (easing my subtitle reading). It was only once I reached the point where the bow side was finished and I was ready to start that back that I had trouble. For some reason I simply could not get things to turn out in a way that would allow my stitches to line up in the way I feel that they should.

I tried for a week before I gave up in frustration. At that point I couldn’t look or blog about it. I was so excited about the finished product and what lining I was going to put in it. The fact that I couldn’t figure out how to do the “simple” back just made me angry and a little embarrassed.

Now that a little time has passed. I’m a little calmer and able to problem solve my way out of it. I’m just going to make TWO giant bows and stitch the durn things together. So I guess I haven’t really failed so much as it’s still a work in progress. As soon as I finish I’ll post completed pictures.

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