New Year’s Resolution

Clearly, my intentions to keep up with my blogging after school started didn’t happen. I did end up settling into a routine, that routine just didn’t include sewing or blogging apparently. It mostly contained school, sleeping, and eating. A few other things besides school got in the way: the sewing machine started going wonky around Halloween (thankfully only after all the necessary sewing got completely), my stash exploded a bit in such a way that I’ve got to tidy a bit before I can really get any sewing done, and of course the holidays always slows things down. So…my New Year’s resolution is to start back with both blogging and sewing.

My goals are:

  • to get my completed projects from the last year photographed, put up, and at least minimally blogged about.
  • to blog at least twice a month.
  • to complete at least one project a month that comes from my stash, which has mysteriously grown over the past two years or so that I’ve been sewing. I got a little too lucky at a couple of yard sales this year.
  • try to keep up with the Historical Sew Fortnightly Monthly a little more faithfully.

We’ll see how I do.


In the meantime I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you luck and joy in the coming year!

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