HSF #7 – The Long Delayed Beret

I had such a difficult time deciding on this challenge. So I just put it off. And then it took forever for me to get around to getting pictures taken. Because it’s summer in July…in Florida.

My hope was that I would find an ideal hat I could crochet. I had terrible luck finding a pattern I was happy with that was within the right time frame.

Finally, I decided to just go with a children’s pattern, enlarged to fit an adult.

The pattern I finally settled on is a charming children’s tam o’shanter.

tam o shanter


Then I found several charming pictures online of some other ladies who decided it was a charming thing to put on their head.

1920's with tam o s

about 1927 Age about 18 years old   Estimate born 1909  3 years



So I found myself some cute bright blue cotton crochet thread and got to work. I decided start off with working the pattern exactly as described, then I could make any changes as I went along.

It turned out that I didn’t actually need to make any changes to the pattern. It nicely worked up a beret that fits my head. For anyone else who wants to make this pattern, I don’t have an unusually small, childish head. Just a normal sized one.

revised for blog1


revised for blog2

I was told by my fashion consultant/photographer (otherwise known as my sister) that the hat looked silly with all my hair up, so I left it down ala Mary Pickford. See, my proof.


The Challenge: Tops and Toes

Fabric: blue cotton thread

Pattern: Tam O’Shanter Pattern from Woolco Knitting and Croching Manual 

Year: 1916

Notions: it’s not exactly a notion, but I crocheted with a size 2 crochet needle

How historically accurate is it?: Very, the only non accurate part of this project is that I used modern thread. So I’m going to give myself 100%.

Hours to complete: I’d say about 20 hours.

First worn: For pictures, but this hat will definitely get wearing this fall/winter.

Total cost: About $6, this pattern took three balls of thread.


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