The Mama Africa Hippie Skirt

I haven’t had a chance post about this skirt yet. I made it last weekend for the best music festival in the South, the Florida Folk Festival. It’s full of hippies who like folk music, good folk music, and quirky food vendors. Every year I discover something wonderful. One year it was contra dancing. Another year it was the fabulous Jamaican lady who serves the best ginger beer I’ve ever tasted. Last year it was the fact that I actually do like folk music beside Simon and Garfunkel. This year I found several new bands to love (The Currys, Belle and the Band, and Laney Jones and the Lively Spirits) and a rice bowl with cranberries in it.

I didn’t really take any pictures of the actual festival, but I did manage to get my sister to snap a crappy cell phone picture of me in the skirt.


I found the fabric in a local opportunity store. And paid a whopping $1. Here’s a picture with the price tag as proof. I had just enough fabric to eke out a skirt. I had two tiny triangles left when I finished, they were maybe two inches at their widest.



I used this pattern, because honestly I love the gathers. Obviously I didn’t make the whole dress, just the skirt.



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