HSF #9 – The Rose Red Wench Shirt

This is the second delayed posting thanks to FCAT. Also I had to further delay posting due to an injury due to my clumsiness. I fell, twisting my ankle this weekend, which meant that any pictures I wanted had to wait until I could put weight on my foot again.

I used the same Simplicity pattern for the shirt as I did for the bodice. Although I modified the pattern. I used view A but I didn’t put in any of the elastic. Without the elastic, the sleeves were gigantic so I trimmed about an inch and a half off from the seams and then increased the seam allowance to one and a fourth inch. And still you can see how billowy the sleeves are. I completely ignored the wrist hem instructions, sewed eyelet onto it, put a gathered seam, and handstitched a thin black braid over the eyelet/sleeve seam.


I again ignored the instructions for the elastic, this time in the neckline, because despite the fact this is only kind of historical I wasn’t quite willing to put elastic into a garment that was supposed to be historical. I did follow the directions and used bias tape as the casing for the cording.


It turned out kind of wench-y/pirate-y. However it’s pretty awesome. A more grown up version of the original inspiration illustration.


The sleeves are gigantic, so I’ll probably be using them as a pattern for Civil War undersleeves. They’re a much more satisfying volume than my previous efforts.

The Challenge: Black & White

Fabric: white cotton

Pattern: Simplicity 3809

Year: 1500ish

Notions: white thread, white cording, white bias tape

How historically accurate is it? Eh, maybe a bit more than the bodice, but not by much. So…let’s say 40%.

Hours to complete: 3 hours?

First worn: For pictures, but for real at the next Renaissance Faire

Total cost: a total of maybe $25, they eyelet was the most expensive because I used stash for everything else

One thought on “HSF #9 – The Rose Red Wench Shirt

  1. Matt March 9, 2016 at 7:21 am Reply

    Just to say how beautiful you look in that blouse. A big sigh from me. Best wishes. x

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